Jerry,                                                                                                        8/14/05

In our business it is somewhat commonplace for buyers to expect, even demand
performances from our suppliers which exceed the daily levels of support expected.
Occasionally a situation presents itself which demands even greater levels of
commitment and support. We Aerojet, recently had such an occasion, Aerojet P.O.
issued in support of the Atlas V Forward Sway Brace Pin was an order requiring a
total commitment to completion, on schedule.
The effort demonstrated by the organization of Hoefner Corp. in the planning,
fabrication, support source selection and communication as well as the ongoing
dialog between members of your organization and the responsible Aerojet source
inspectors far exceeded  the normal expectations of this office.
The manner in which this order was accepted by Hoefner Corp., knowing full well
the demands which were inherent in accepting this order, is to be commended. The
Hoefner organization demonstrated through the process cycle time a complete
awareness at all times of the position of product in relationship to the required on
dock date requested by Aerojet. The communication between the members of
Hoefner Corp. to our source inspectors, the outside process companies required to
support this effort as well as the daily contact with my office was exemplary.
The attention to detail, the awareness by all members of your organization as to
the criticality of obtaining the materials in support of the Atlas V program is to be
applauded. All to often in our business, we buyers sometimes forget to realize the
effort and commitment it takes to accomplish task the magnitude of that
accomplished by your organization in completing the requirements of the P.O.. This
order was not only completed on time but was in fact shipped to Aerojet two weeks
prior to our requested and expected ship date.
The words "Thank You" are sometimes lost in translation between buyers and their
suppliers, I would like at this time to thank the Hoefner Corp. organization, not only
the members with whom I have spoken to personally but all those associated with
the effort required to complete the task of the Aerojet P.O..
On behalf of my employer, Aerojet, the program management of the Atlas V
program and myself, I extend to you and your organization a very well deserved
"THANK YOU" for the efforts extended. The superlative organization support
demonstrated on behalf of the requirements of the P.O. could well be a model for
other companies to emulate.
We, Aerojet, as a company, applaud your efforts and I look forward to the
opportunity of future business relationships with Hoefner Corp.

Best Regards,
Phil Lewis
Procurement  Aerojet
Very reliable company, schedule driven,quality conscious,dependable and honest,
a rarity in todays climate.

Phil Lewis
Procurement  Aerojet
Here at Aerojet, Hoefner is considered one of the best machine shops to
work with. Because your personnel understand the demands of the Aerospace
Industry, we can rely on you to produce quality products.

Steve Reingold CPIM
Aerojet Supply Chain/Material Management, Sacramento

The professionalism and technical expertise shown by Hoefner throughout
our project were excellent. Everyone was pleased with your capability
to manage and execute program requirements.

Robert Borgard
Project Manager Boeing
Hoefner is a progressive all purpose machine shop that has some very
unique capabilities. They are highly skilled in complex 5-Axis machining
of "hard metals" with extremely close tolerances. They are actively
involved in high levels of SPC data collection with mobile data gathering
terminals and machine tools (measuring devices) that capture
dimensional characteristics and plot run charts with upper and lower control
limits. They have advanced capabilities in valve body machining, honing,
and dimensional inspection techniques. Hoefner has a "hands-on"
management style that provides continual communication back to the customer as
relating to the overall status of the hardware being produced. Hoefner provides the
"Best-Value" for complex machined parts and assemblies.

Daniel Boyd
Supply Chain Management Analyst
IDS-Huntington Beach
Everyone @ Hoefner that I've dealt with has always been professional &
responsive to my questions. I consider Hoefner an excellent company to
work with.

Chris Morio
             L-3 Communication

The quality of the hydraulic manifold machined parts and pump assemblies from
Hoefner Corporation is excellent. Their assembly and testing department is first

Power Han
Engineering L-3 Com