About Us

Hoefner Corporation is an aerospace job shop which has been in business since 1946.  We are a small business
engaged in the manufacturing of precision, complex components and assemblies to customer design.  We do CNC
machining, conventional machining, assembly and test.  We also have cleanroom capability.

We have extensive experience in most aircraft alloys including Titanium and high temp alloys such as Inconel, Rene
41 and Waspaloy.  

Our size capabilities range to 18” in CNC turning, 27” in conventional turning, 40” x 32” x 32” in CNC milling and 24”
cube in 5-axis milling.  We have the capability to measure within an envelope of 35” x 59” x 33” on a CNC coordinate
measuring machine equipped with Renishaw PH-9A motorized probe.

We take pride in its ability to manufacture the most demanding components and assemblies to customer design.  
Our quality system is certified to AS9100

We have complete in-house NC programming capability on an NCL graphics system.  We are capable of receiving
data files of part geometry through multiple formats.  We have an extensive computer integrated manufacturing
system, which includes MRP and a finite load concurrent resource scheduling system.  We have an SPC system in
place, which runs on Mitutoyo Software.

We manufacture to customer design only.  We do not design engineering and cannot quote to specification
controlled items.  We do have manufacturing and tool engineering capability for complete support of our production
and tooling requirements.

Customers we have served include Boeing, L-3 Communications, Aerojet, Allied Signal, Hughes, Lockheed,
Rocketdyne, MOOG, Menasco, Northrop, Parker-Hannifin, Selex and others.